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Yoga & Mindfulness Holiday with Charlotte Watts

Yoga & Mindfulness Holiday with Charlotte Watts

This is the third year I’ll be returning to Les Passeroses for more of Alex and Adrian’s fabulous cooking, their amazing garden and lovingly (and tastefully!) restored venue. The constant sounds of birds and frogs is always with me for long after!
This holiday will be dedicated to guiding you to feel calm, connected, restored, rejuvenated and content. Mixing mindfulness within yoga practice and through meditation space and personal exploration is a profound and enjoyable way to let go off the stresses of day-to-day life.

A typical day's schedule: Two yoga sessions daily – opening and energising in the morning and relaxing and restoring before dinner. Suitable for all levels and modifications always available.

Other facilities or extras available during the event -: Optional nutrition talks and silent walks. Optional meditation some evenings.

Pricing: From £460 sharing up to £710 for a single luxury garden lodge

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