Special Deal for Kisrty & Jan's Goddess retreat!

Yes, if you can make it next week Kirsty and Jan are offering £200 off any place left on their fantastic new adventure - Awaken your Inner Goddess, a yoga and skin care week!

Beginning the 18th May for 7 days, Kirtsy will guide your inner wellbeing and Jan will teach you how to care for your outer well being. 

Workshops every day taught by Jan our amazing therapist and aromatherapy expert will give you practical guidance on making your own natural beauty products using only natural ingredients - from nourishing body creams to muscle relaxing oils.

Kirsty's daily yoga classes will help you to tap into your inner strength, wisdom, intuition and guidance. Morning vinyasa classes will bring you back into your own rhythm and flow, bring you into your heart and soul and set you up for your day. Evening yin classes will help you to find complete rest and relaxation helping you to switch off and completely let go.

Yes, we know it is on the day of the Royal Wedding - but why not join us and learn how to find your inner Goddess and outer Princess. The week will last in your memory and be longer lasting than a TV wedding believe us!

Contact Kirsty now - kirstygallagheryoga@gmail.com

For more info - https://www.kirstygallagher.com/retreats/awaken-your-goddess-yoga-and-aromatherapy-retreat-19-26th-may-2018/